For any business concept whether a single or multi-unit concept the prices paid for goods and services must be carefully considered and contain the highest value proposition possible.

Concept Growth Partners firmly believes that all business is relationship based…whether it be between a business and their customersvendor, or service provider…both parties are at their best, and the most productive outcomes are realized…when everyone involved enjoys mutual respect and achieves the most positive results possible.

It is CGP’s core belief that our relationship with any prospective client be fundamentally grounded in appreciating the passion and clearly sharing in the vision that the owner has for their unique business.

We also believe that strong relationship based partnerships can only be achieved when time is taken to fully comprehend and recognize both the economics of the business in question and the “core values” that inhabit the company culture. CGP strives to gain insight and appreciation of the unique characteristics of each concept we partner with…while at the same time recognizing that cost is always a consideration for every business owner.

Therefore we do NOT set prices for services. How could we (or anyone else for that matter) determine what to charge without first knowing how we can help?

Which is why we begin every relationship with our NO COST unique and interactive 60 MINUTE MEETING.

Our 60 MINUTE MEETING format allows the business owner to fully explain their concept, while at the same time offering the opportunity for CGP to engage with… and actively listen to…the business owner describe the unique challenges that are confronting them. With no obligation or investment other than one hour of their time…which is often the most valuable asset a focused and engaged business professional has to offer.

During your conveniently scheduled 60 MINUTE MEETING we will mutually identify and determine both the challenges facing the business concept achieving their goals…as well as the most economically effective cost structure.

We encourage you to complete the brief summary on our When to Contact Us page…and we look forward to meeting you!