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In many cases rapidly growing concepts often have to place individuals in leadership positions with less practical experience than desired for that level of responsibility.  CGP has custom created curriculum and content course material for multi-unit owners and managers of QSR, Fast Casual and other Retail concepts. Concept Growth Partners provides courses and interactive skills building workshops to help develop the specific leadership and management skills necessary for the successful, sustainable and profitable operation of multi-unit concepts. Our Leadership Workshop introduces and instructs attendees on: 
  • Communication - Why Don't People Do What I Think I Ask Them To Do?
  • Leadership - The Four Pillars of Situational Leadership
  • Goal Setting - S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Planning - How Half a Dozen A P's Can Help You Succeed

 After completing our CGP Leadership Workshop location managers are able to return to their stores better prepared to enthusiastically lead their team to achievable goals through more effective communication and well developed plans. We look forward to speaking with you about creating a Concept Growth Partners workshop for your concept.